Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I determine if we will be a good match?

Our initial consultation is at no cost to you and without any obligation on your part. Hopefully from there, you can decide if we are a good match for the services you need and we can move forward.

How do you determine your fees?

There are a number of considerations in our fee schedule—the size of the facility being designed, as well as the anticipated number of hours required to complete the project. We believe that this combination results in a fair fee for our clients. After the initial consultation, we’ll prepare and present a written agreement outlining the scope of our involvement and the required fees.

Another food service design firm offered me free kitchen design services if I purchased the equipment from them—why don’t you offer the same opportunity?

Our customers have realized many values and benefits of working with us. We provide a complete service that is time consuming and worthy of compensation. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We are with you from the beginning through opening day and beyond. We will be come a valued and trusted member of your launch team.

Do you also sell equipment?

Yes we do. Ideally, we would like to sell you your equipment. The benefits of this are that we will receive, stage, and deliver your equipment within the needed timeline. However you are always free to entertain pricing from other sources. Should you desire to purchase your equipment through us, a substantial discount will be provided that will offset some of your initial consulting fees.

Are you able to work with our Architect and General Contractor?

Absolutely. Most architect’s actually prefer to deal with a Food Service Consultant that has the ability to electronically share the kitchen and dining floor plans for incorporation into the full set of architectural plans. General contractors are generally more at ease if a professional is handling the Food Service end of a project.

Do you have a preference for certain manufacturers?

Yes, we do. As in any industry there are all levels of quality. We have worked with most equipment manufacturers over the years and will suggest companies that are reliable and that fit your budget. Of course, you are always able to request a certain manufacturer with whom you are more familiar. We will discuss your selection and point out the pros and cons of that particular piece of equipment. Then it’s up to you—we will never insist on using manufacturer’s product that you may be reluctant to rely on. We are here to help you with your critical decisions by providing all the information you need to assess the choices at hand.

What if I don’t like the manufacturer you want to use—will you specify other manufacturers?

Absolutely—we represent and deal with virtually all of the major food service equipment and supplies manufacturers. If there is a preference for a specific manufacturer or resource, we will gladly specify or provide you with your brand of choice. It is important, however, to understand that our selections of brands are based on a variety of key factors. We demand value from the manufacturers, assuring that our clients receive “the best bang for their bucks.” In addition, we prefer to deal with suppliers that provide quality service, as well as reliability and responsiveness when problems arise. Added value always earns it’s keep in the end.

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