Design and Planing An Essential Ingredient


Restaurant design is an essential and multi-faceted process involving you, your architect and Gannon Consulting. It’s going to be your facility and you will be living with it and counting on it’s reliable functionality for a long time. Mistakes at this phase can be costly in the long run. Specifying the best equipment, the right equipment, with proper space configuration and work flow processes are what we excel in providing.

The first stage of planning project is to determine what type of results we are seeking. This will consist of your restaurant’s theme, layout, seating, and proposed menu. Once determined, we will start the design/approval process working closely with you and your key advisers.

This is never a “one shot” deal. There will be meetings and revisions until all are on board and satisfied with the final considerations. Once that has been accomplished, we’ll start to specify the equipment and furnishing that we feel will achieve the look and functionality that is in harmony with the anticipated result. These will be incorporated into the plans and specifications that will be provided to you.

Using the final approved plan and specifications we can proceed with the equipment purchase, delivery and installation schedule suggested.


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