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Case Study #1

Project: Cape Fear Baking and Pastry Arts
Objective: Customize existing equipment to fit classroom needs. Install new equipment package.

Cape Fear Community College wanted to start a Baking and Pastry Arts program. The kitchen classroom at the Union Station building was a perfect fit for the program. However, there was some work to be done. The various pieces of cafeteria equipment needed to be modified so as to create work spaces for the students. There was also a need for additional cooking equipment for the students to bake with. We consulted with the Culinary Technician and the program instructor to modify the space to accommodate the new program.  All of the cafeteria style equipment was modified by my fabricators to remove the tops of the units and replace with flat surfaces to be used as work stations.

Additional equipment consisting of Ranges and Convection Ovens were added to the kitchen area.
The results speak for themselves. The program is now a viable part of the Culinary programs curriculum.



Case Study #2

Project: Epic Food Company
Objective: Equipment package of beverage items, custom fabrication and furniture

The owner of Epic Food Company already had a extremely successful restaurant business. But when the next door unit came open, he saw his opportunity for expansion. He wanted a connected space that not only served a full menu of breakfast but also a variety of coffee, smoothies and other beverages. This area would also serve as an overflow area during lunch and dinner.
We provided a complete equipment package of beverage items and also custom fabrication and furniture.

kitchen-epic    epic-food-cs3

Case Study #3

Project: New Hanover County Senior Resource Center

Objective: Modify Existing Serving Line & Beverage Counter

We were asked to assist in the modification of a part of the existing food serving line. There were two sections of the line that were outdated and no longer viable to the operation. Both of these sections were welded together with the rest of the line. The first section needed to be removed completely and a new custom refrigerated serving unit put in its place. This section needed a sneeze guard to match exactly the existing one next to it. The final section was to be modified so as to create a flat surface on top where a drop in unit had been before.

We brought in our fabricators to measure and fabricate the new section and the materials needed for the new top on the last section were fitted on site. This was a time sensitive operation to keep down time at the center to a minimum.The sneeze guard of the new unit matched and lined up exactly with the existing one. The flat area at the end was modified and fit flawlessly.

We also were tasked with designing and building a custom beverage counter with a laminate case and doors and a Quartz top and a counter top hand sink drop in.


20160114_163150-1   .20160114_163250-1

 Case Study #4

Project: Los Portales Supermarket

Objective: Design & Fabricate Custom Checkout Counters

The owner of Los Portales Supermarket wanted to replace his three wooden laminated checkout counters with something that would be sturdy and durable. We suggested all stainless steel construction.

We came in and measured the existing counters with all of the various components such as drop in scanners, flat screen monitors, a place for the credit card machine and a customer signing platform. The owner then requested specific under shelves on the employee side and also that the monitor bracket  be adjustable for different height employees.

Our fabricators produced three identical counters exactly to the specifications that had been requested. These counters were delivered and put in place in one day, never interrupting the owners ability to stay open.

los-portales-3-1   .los-portales-2-1






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