Sooner or later, most food service operators will be faced with the need of a Food Service Equipment Appraisal. This need can arise from a number of factors.

  • Selling your facility
  • Buying an existing operation
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Bank required appraisals
  • Partnership changes
  • Leasing
  • Divorce

Gannon Consulting has conducted many appraisals over the years. We provide our clients with a fair, unbiased, and certified written appraisal of their equipment and furnishings. Typically we work on a “fair market value” system of estimating. We will come into your facility at your convenience and personally list, evaluate and measure all equipment to then assign a value to it. We are more than willing to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect all parties involved.

Having over 30 years experience in buying and selling equipment, makes us uniquely qualified to perform these appraisals.

Have a need? Call us today to discuss.



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